Introducing Crypto

Wealth Management.

Introducing Crypto Wealth Management.

Bankorus is the world’s first private wealth management platform

powered by AI and built on the blockchain.

Bankorus is the world’s first private wealth management platform powered by AI and built on the blockchain.

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Significant potential for crypto investing with HNWIs
  • Total Wealth of
    HNWIs in Crypto
  • HNWIs total
    global net worth

The $60 trillion+ opportunity

Traditional financial service infrastructure can’t support HNWIs*—and the private wealth management firms advising them—when they want to leverage the potential of crypto wealth management.

*HNWIs defined. ​High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are individuals (and families) with more than $1M USD in liquidity. Often, these individuals are the earliest adopters of new asset classes.

Today's challenges

  • Access to crypto
  • Persistent data-breach risks
  • Costly high-touch process
  • High compliance costs
  • Inconsistent reporting standards
The smartest way to invest — The world's first crypto wealth management platform provides HNWIs with a full suite of solutions for accessing crypto with traditional assets.
  • bMarket​ | Sell crypto-backed funds

    Buy and sell digital assets on the only global marketplace for crypto—our blockchain-based, smart contract platform takes the hassle out of compliance.
  • bTokenize | Tokenize your assets

    Turn illiquid assets—such as your real estate holdings—into liquid digital assets through tokenization.
  • bLoan | Borrow crypto against any asset

    Borrow in crypto against any of your existing assets—from art to zero-coupon bonds.
  • bID | World-class security without the cost

    Access wealth management without the traditional costs of compliance or the privacy risks.
  • bReport | Full visibility into your assets

    Accurately track current and historical asset performance.
  • bRisk | The new global standard for risk

    Confidently assess asset risk with decentralized risk indicators for increased transparency.


Q2, 2018

Milestone 1
First Application of bReport

Q3, 2018

Milestone 2
Frequent Deployment bReport,
First Application of bMarket

Q4, 2018

Milestone 3
Frequent Deployment of bMarket

Q1, 2019

Milestone 4
First Application of bLoan,
First application bRisk,


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